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November 12, 2012
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: No.

: Aww come on...after I got you these??

: . . . .

: It's clean~. If that's what you're gonna ask...

: Hod did you even get that?!

: You can say they're borrowed~...

: Still no!!

: Not even for Brunei~?

: Why you sneaky little--....Guilt trip ang kana??

: You don't have to Luzzie~..


: Technically it's my fault you got this dare..^^;

: But we'll get you back Yong Soo~...

CJ: And where was I during all of these?

Chillen'~..Level 80 in 5 days~..:iconiggybrowsplz:

. . . . .

Somebody make me stop playing..
  • Watching: my life being wasted..XD
  • Playing: Ragnarok online
  • Eating: chocolate chip cookies
  • Drinking: cold milk
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Luzon, even if you guys steal them, Al probably wouldn't notices. He probably have millions of those already. :3
goodlucklight Nov 12, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Best boxers ever... /shot
Don't worry Luzon! Like Brunei said, you guys will get him back... :iconbigheplz:
misschocoholic Nov 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Nesia: To ease your troubled mind, have some mangoes we just harvested from our backyard :iconcutiesmileplz:

*Luzon got 10 baskets full of ripe mangoes :iconmangoplz: *

This is for the reward for surviving the first challenge

2P!Indo: That's nothing. Try wearing nothing but koteka for a whole day in the middle of a bustling city
JCpilipinas Nov 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Luzn: I'd rather wear bahag in the city than touch America's underwear..
misschocoholic Nov 12, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
2P!Indo: If you say so, I'll take you to decontamination lab in my place, or Singapore (if you doubted me) after this is over

Nesia: then to the spa to shed that dirty skin of yours after touching America's...
AsktheDramaDerps Nov 12, 2012
Maricela: Mmm, that face worries me... Hey, does this mean I might have to suffer because of a dare Yong Soo came up with?!

Yong Soo: At least put them on for a while! I could do the dare easily myself! :iconasdfghplz:

Mel: heeeeyyy cj, how's tumblr been lately~? :iconheplz:
JCpilipinas Nov 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Luzon: I'm not like you Korea.:iconimskepticalplz:

CJ: Meh...tumblr's been quiet. Just usual fandom posts here and there.=___=

Oh...I posted some Brunei district OCs last night tho.
AsktheDramaDerps Nov 12, 2012
Yong Soo: ...What's that supposed to mean? :iconraiseyebrowplz: Is it that you can't be as amazingly daring as me? Because all that originated from me, so it's understandable! :iconohohoplz:

Maricela: Yong Soo, kuya doesn't want to wear America's boxers... :iconeheheplz: doesn't that mean you lose this round..? Does that mean... another secret?! :iconasdfghplz:

Mel: Ooooh, I see, I see... Bahahaha, I lurked for PH fics today and got immensely disappointed. If I wasn't trying to challenge myself away from tumblr for a week, I'd probably be bitching about them on there. XDDD I mean come on, there's like, no KorPiri on there and yet there's Romania/Philippines and like, 17 RomaPiri... and there's even HK/Philippines and so on... Mel is not impressed with this. :iconwthplz: Oh and she discovered that Scandinavia and the World has a fanfiction section. The things you learn.
JCpilipinas Nov 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Luzon: It means that I still have shame.

. . . .

Even just a little.

And..And! This dare isn't even fair!! I post 3 answers a day.:iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

CJ: Linkeys?:iconpuppyyayplz:
AsktheDramaDerps Nov 12, 2012
Yong Soo: ...Wear it for one of the three answers each day then? Come onnnnn, it'll be great~! Besides... I could have dared you worse... much worse... :iconbigheplz:

Maricela: ...Yong Soo, you worry me greatly. :iconwthplz:

Mel: basically a friend linked me to this [link] and then I gave up on everything, herp
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